Presenting our art exhibit IN-ML-OUT - Wind Power and Machine Learning.

Machine learning can be used to make the best possible use of wind power in times of climate change. We will reveal how this can be achieved by means of an interactive art exhibit on October 27, 2023 at the swt-KulturWerk of the Stadtwerke Tübingen.

One of the three interactive exhibits of "IN-ML-OUT," a flow system that illustrates the complexity of physical phenomena.

Whether solar, hydro or wind power - the future of power generation lies in sustainable energies. However, renewable energy generation is weather-dependent and thus itself affected by climate change. If we want to make optimal use of renewable energy sources, we need forecasts that are as accurate as possible. This is precisely where modern machine learning algorithms can help.

How? Nina Effenberger and Nicole Ludwig, who are engaged in research on sustainable energies in the Cluster of Excellence, will demonstrate this on October 27 in Tübingen's swt-KulturWerk: They want to use the interactive art exhibit "IN-ML-OUT " to advance the dialog between research, society and politics and demonstrate the potential of machine learning. The exhibit allows visitors to experience that our actions influence the climate, which solutions researchers can support with the help of machine learning, and which initiatives and projects on renewable energies already exist. To this end, it brings together science and design - and transfers the model-like partial aspects of "Input", "Machine Learning" and "Output" into three connected displays that creatively invite visitors to discover, reflect and discuss.

Following the exhibit presentation, there will be a discussion on the question “How can AI support the transformation of energy systems?”. Nicole Ludwig will participate as well as Peter Seimer (Spokesperson for Digitization, Green Party in the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg) and Philipp Staudt (Digitized Energy Systems, University of Oldenburg). It will be moderated by Olaf Kramer (Research Center for Science Communication, University of Tübingen).

The art exhibit is the result of a collaboration between the Cluster of Excellence "Machine Learning: New Perspectives for Science" at the University of Tübingen, the "Center for Rhetorical Science Communication Research on Artificial Intelligence" (RHET AI) and the „Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste“ in Stuttgart.

On October 27, you are cordially invited to attend our event "Wind Power and Machine Learning", try out the exhibit yourself and discuss with us the potentials of machine learning in the expansion of power generation from renewable energy sources! Admission is free of charge.

  27.10.2023, 5 pm, swt-KulturWerk (Werkstraße 4, 72074 Tübingen), admission free of charge.

|  Following the event, the exhibit will be on display at Stadtmuseum Tübingen starting November 16   |