International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

Leadership Ethics as Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities

The project is dedicated to the conception and institutionalization of universitary teaching in the field of ethics and leadership responsibility for students of MINT subjects. In cooperation with other universities, exemplary research-based courses are to be developed and carried out. The aim is to elaborate the foundations for a permanent implementation of these teaching modules.



January 2019 – December 2021

In coorperation with


The explorative study "Leadership Ethics as Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities" has shown that moral-ethical and methodological competencies of leadership are extremely rarely found in module manuals of the so-called MINT and Economics degree programmes. This is a clear deficit not only considering society's expectations of higher education, but also with regard to the Bologna framework for BA/MA and B.Sc./M.Sc. degree programmes, the demands of professional associations and accreditation agencies, and the existing approaches to a normative theory of leadership. It has been shown that the topics of ethics and leadership responsibility hardly play a role in the study programmes examined, and that tomorrow's managers are prepared little or not at all for the special responsibility they will bear during their studies.

Against the background of these desiderata, the next steps of action should necessarily aim at the conception and institutionalization of appropriate teaching including accompanying research on the topic of leadership responsibility. In order to ultimately launch suitable teaching programmes, various work steps within the framework of interdisciplinary research and networking are required. At this point it is an intermediate step after the completed empirical study and before the intended implementation of appropriate teaching and learning formats. These work steps will be tackled by the cooperation project over the next three years.

The project is designed as a research and networking project aimed at the development of content and didactic formats for a curriculum on "leadership ethics". Thus it prepares the implementation of the corresponding learning contents into the respective subject curricula. In order to work on the fundamentally interdisciplinary research tasks, various competences are necessary, which must be provided by the methodically broad team. The work is therefore structured in the form of a joint project of the International Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW, University of Tübingen), the Universities of Mainz and Jena and the Wittenberg Centre for Global Ethics. The IZEW is responsible for coordinating the joint project.


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