Chinese Studies



Lecture: Zheng Xinyu "From Prime to Classics: Studying Yunqi with Patterns (li 理)"

On Tue, 24 Jun 2024, Zheng Xinyu will present a talk on "From Prime to Classics: Studying Yunqi with…

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Colloquium Greater China Studies / Taiwan Summer Semester 2024

The lectures of the Colloquium Greater China Studies will take place on various days of the week…

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Wei Te-Sheng Will Present BIG at Kino Museum

26 June: World renowned Taiwanese film director Wei Te-Sheng to present film in Tübingen

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Lecture: Matthias Schumann, "Between Animal Welfare and Human Salvation: Changing Buddhist Animal Release Practices in Republican Shanghai"

On Tue, 18th June 2024, Matthias Schumann from Heidelberg will talk about the topic "Between Animal…

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Lecture: Ulrich Theobald, "Max Weber's Confucian Work Ethic, the 'Moderately Prosperous Society', and a Generation 'Lying Flat'"

On Tue, Jun 11, Ulrich Theobald will give a talk on "Max Weber's Confucian Work Ethic, the…

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Lectures: Huang Yu-Ling, "Gender, Culture, and Reproductive Medicine"

On 10th and 12th June, Visiting Scholar Prof. Huang Yu-Ling will present talks about the…

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Scholarship: Felix Clausberg awarded China Studies Program (CSP) Ph.D. Fellowship

Our Ph.D. student Felix Clausberg has been awarded the China Studies Program (CSP, 新汉学计划博士生项目) Ph.D.…

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Lecture: Lukas N. Eggert, "Chinese Gaming Culture: The Fine Line between ‘Spiritual Opium’ and Stressing about the Chinese Dream"

On Tue, 4th Jun 2024, at 12:00, Lukas Eggert will present a talk in the seminar "Stress and Daily…

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