International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

Completed Projects at the Research Focus Security Ethics

KOPHIS (2016 - 2019)

Kontexte von Pflege- und Hilfebedürftigen stärken – Verzahnung von BOS, Pflegeinfrastruktur und aktiven zivilgesellschaftlichen Netzwerken

  • Supplying people during crisis and emergency situations challenges public authorities as well as aid organisations. Especially, the basic demands of people in need of care during a crisis have so far hardly been thoroughly examined. Here, stable networks are required between the people in need of care, the civil society and the authorities as well as the aid organisations in charge. These networks need to be established prior to an emergency in order to help in the event of a crisis.Thereby, KOPHIS understood the population not as the passive recipient of public aid, but aimed at treating them as an active subject. Thus, KOPHIS involved care recipients as well as people in need of help in the research process in order to give them an active role in co-designing the concrete research results. Moreover, care-giving relatives and supporters in the near social environment are involved directly and right from the beginning of the project. Additional to scientific analyses, the project’s goal was to practically implement the research results in a model region.It was the aim to strengthen the resilience of people in need of home care in private households, in all relevant phases of a crisis. Therefore, a significant contribution was made by interlocking the mostly separately existing fields of authorities and organisations with security tasks and disaster preparedness agencies on the one hand, and civil protection on the other hand, at all stages of the disaster-management cycle. Finally, the project seeked to mitigate existing risks and improve the means at hand for disaster management. Furthermore, the specific and practical concepts under development enable targeted measures in the event of a crisis, as well as a quick return to daily life.



FLORIDA (2016 - 2018)

Flexible, semi-automatic Analysis System for the Evaluation of Mass Video Data

  • FLORIDA was a German-Austrian cooperation project that developed a system for the visual and auditory analysis of image and video mass data. The German part of the project concentrated on image and video analysis, while the Austrian partners focussed on the evaluation of the audio track.The project developed a system for the visual and auditory analysis of heterogeneous mass image and video data, such as those provided by witnesses in the aftermath of terrorist attacks. The system will use methods such as geo-spatial crime scene reconstruction, visual analytics, generic object search and audio analysis. The ethical investigations at the IZEW dealt with the ethically acceptable collection, processing and analysis of mass image and video data.


AMBOS (2017–2019)

Defense of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Authorities and Organizations with Security Tasks

MUSKAT (2014–2017)

Multisensory based detection of offenders in crowds in complex police operations

VERSS (2014–2017)

Aspects of a fair distribution of security in the city

SECTOR (2014–2017)

Secure European Common Information Space for the Interoperability of First Responders and Police Authorities

Scientific Advisory Committee: Research Agenda for Civil Security (2012–2017)

SmartSec (2015)

How Smart Is ‘Smart Security’? Exploring Data Subjectivity and Resistance

KRETA (2011–2014)

Body scanner: Reflection of ethics on technology and application contexts

Alert for allA4A (2011–2013)

BaSiD (2010-2013)

Barometer Security in Germany. Security, Perceptions, Situation, Conditions and Expectations – A Monitoring on Security in Germany

Live Detect 3D (2010–2013)

Ethical support in the Live Detect 3D project

MuVit (2010–2013)

MuViT: Pattern Recognition and Video Tracking: socio-psychological, sociological, ethical and legal analyses

THEBEN (2007–2010)

Terahertz detection systems: Ethical monitoring, evaluation and standardisation

E-SOLD (2009)

Ethical expertise for research into stand-off lie detectors

TeraSec (2006)

Active Terahertz Imagining for Security

COPRA Expert Group

Comprehensive European Approach to the Protection of Civil Aviation


Living in Surveillance Societies