International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

Completed Projects at the Research Focus Security Ethics

AMBOS (2017–2019)

Defense of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Authorities and Organizations with Security Tasks

MUSKAT (2014–2017)

Multisensory based detection of offenders in crowds in complex police operations

VERSS (2014–2017)

Aspects of a fair distribution of security in the city

SECTOR (2014–2017)

Secure European Common Information Space for the Interoperability of First Responders and Police Authorities

Scientific Advisory Committee: Research Agenda for Civil Security (2012–2017)

SmartSec (2015)

How Smart Is ‘Smart Security’? Exploring Data Subjectivity and Resistance

KRETA (2011–2014)

Body scanner: Reflection of ethics on technology and application contexts

Alert for allA4A (2011–2013)

BaSiD (2010-2013)

Barometer Security in Germany. Security, Perceptions, Situation, Conditions and Expectations – A Monitoring on Security in Germany

Live Detect 3D (2010–2013)

Ethical support in the Live Detect 3D project

MuVit (2010–2013)

MuViT: Pattern Recognition and Video Tracking: socio-psychological, sociological, ethical and legal analyses

THEBEN (2007–2010)

Terahertz detection systems: Ethical monitoring, evaluation and standardisation

E-SOLD (2009)

Ethical expertise for research into stand-off lie detectors

TeraSec (2006)

Active Terahertz Imagining for Security

COPRA Expert Group

Comprehensive European Approach to the Protection of Civil Aviation


Living in Surveillance Societies