International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

Research colloquium winterterm 2021/2022

Tuesday, from 12:00 to 13:00 o'clock, Hybrid Format – Please Register Via Mail (see below)

In the IZEW Research Colloquium, projects and topics from the field of Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities will be discussed*, both from the IZEW and from other institutions within and outside the University of Tübingen. The event is open to all interested parties. Those who want to join, please contact Matthias Bornemann for the link.

Participation in presence is only possible for vaccinated, recovered or tested persons (3G-Regel).

*Please note that some lectures will be held in German.

Contact: matthias.bornemannspam

Due to the increasing number of intensive care patients in hospitals, the warning level has been declared in Baden-Württemberg. Therefore, the colloquium takes place exclusively online until further notice.


Marta Severo, Paris Nanterre University

Cultural Heritage, Participation, and Platforms: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges


Ursula Offenberger, Methodenzentrum Universität Tübingen

Sozialwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf Krankheit und Gesundheit


Anne Burkhardt & Karoline Reinhardt, IZEW

Quartiere der Vielfalt: Über Begriffe und mediale Verantwortung


Rosa Colmenarejo Fernández, Universidad Loyola, Cordoba

Un-ethics of Disruptive Technologies



Karoline Reinhardt, IZEW

Dimensions of Trust in AI Ethics


Alberto Romele, IZEW

Automatic Pain Detection; or, the Evidential Paradigm Reversed


Jana Christopher, FEBS Press, BZH Universität Heidelberg

Image Integrity in Scientific Publication


Anja Köngeter, Universität Heidelberg

Expectations and attitudes of cancer patients towards the use of their clinical data for research purposes - A quantitative study


Wulf Loh, IZEW

What is 'Immanent Critique'? Reflections on a Central Method of Critical Theory


Simon Meisch, IZEW

Changing Water Cultures