International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

Researchcolloquium summerterm 2019

Tuesdays, from 12:00 - 13:00, at the IZEW (Wilhelmstraße 19, Room 0.01)

In the IZEW Research Colloquium, projects and topics from the field of Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities will be discussed*, both from the IZEW and from other institutions within and outside the University of Tübingen. The event is open to all interested parties.

*Please note that all lectures will be held in German.

Contact: birgit.kroeberspam


Regina Ammicht Quinn und Thomas Potthast, IZEW

Ethik in den Wissenschaften - ein Name als Programm

14.05.2019 Svenja Wiertz, IZEW
The Possibility of Friendship in a Digital World

Anne Burkhardt, IZEW

Colombian cinema, discourses of violence and narrative ethics

11.06.2019 Florian Heusinger von Waldegge, IZEW
Internetnutzung und seelische Gesundheit


6:00 p.m., room HS 0.01, Keplerstr. 2, OSA

Charles Ess, University of Oslo

Humans, robots, sex and blessings: the differences a body makes

09.07.2019 Anne Burkhardt, Gisela Mackenroth, Luzia Sievi, IZEW
Right-wing Populist Activity in Urban Political Conflicts

Hans Peter Ludwig, LMU München

Ethik und Transformationsprozesse in Unternehmen