Elizabeth Bear

Elizabeth Bear is a research scientist at the Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology.


Curriculum Vitae

Since April 2021
Researcher and Content Developer

Hector Institute for Empirical Educational Research, University of Tübingen

2018 - 2021
Graduate Research Assistant

Department of Linguistics, University of Tübingen

2018 - 2021
Master of Arts in Computational Linguistics

University of Tübingen

2017 - 2018
English Teaching Fellow

Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

2016 - 2017
English Language Fellow

Bethlehem University, West Bank

2015 - 2016
English Language Fellow

Akdeniz University, Turkey

2012 - 2015
English Language Trainer

Samsung HRCD, South Korea

2011 - 2012
Master of Education in TESOL

Boston University, USA

2010 - 2011
English Language Instructor

Daegu, South Korea

2008 - 2010
English Language Teacher

Busan, South Korea

2004 - 2008
Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Psychology

McGill University, Canada


  • Quixal, M., Rudzewitz, B., Bear, E., & Meurers, D., (in press). Automatic annotation of language constructs to enrich activity models and support both pedagogy and adaptive systems. In Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on NLP for Computer-Assisted Language Learning.
  • Bear, E., Höfels, D. C., & Manolescu, M. (2020). TueMix at SemEval-2020 Task 9: Logistic Regression with Linguistic Feature Set for Sentiment Analysis of Code-Mixed Social Media Text. In Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (pp. 1316 – 1321).