Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology

Research Structures

LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

In the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network (Learning, Educational Achievement, and Life Course Development), more than 100 scientists from different disciplines work together on core issues of empirical educational research. The Hector Institute plays a leading role in this work.

Leibniz Education Research Network (LERN)

Researchers from 25 institutions have joined forces in the Leibniz Education Research Network (LERN) to pool their expertise and increase the visibility of their research on educational issues among stakeholders in educational policy and administration as well as the general public.


Leibniz WissenschaftsCampus Tübingen „Cognitive Interfaces“

The Wissenschafts Campus Tübingen  is an interdisciplinary research network of the Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien (IWM) and the University of Tübingen.

Network Educational Research of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation

The Education Research Network, which was launched by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, is intended to help close existing research gaps on the conditions and consequences of successful transitions to vocational training and the job market and to strengthen empirical education research in Baden-Württemberg in a targeted manner.

Research Network "Portfolios in Education"

The Research Network "Portfolios in Education" seeks to advance high-quality, cross-site research on portfolio work to create a systematic database for advancing portfolios in educational contexts.


National Educational Panel Study (NEPS)

The National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) collects longitudinal data on educational processes and competence development in Germany.