Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology


Researchers in the fields of Cultural History and Cultural Anthropology have for some time now considered emotions to be an important dimension of everyday culture, the study of which requires a sound theoretical and methodological foundation. At the Ludwig Uhland Institute (LUI) emotions are examined as cultural practices and as a medium for social interaction. In addition, scholars are interested in the affective dimensions of sensory perception, for example, in visual culture or in the production of atmospheres (for example, in scenographic exhibition technology).

Monique Scheer came to LUI from one of the leading centers of research on emotions within the area of Cultural Studies – the Center for the History of Emotions at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development – and she is expanding upon the research projects that she embarked upon there. Among the subjects of her research are fundamental questions regarding theories of emotion in cultural studies, and concerning research methods; she is also working on a book on the cultural history of enthusiasm. Moreover, Scheer is involved in the setting up of other research projects, and she advises doctoral candidates who are doing work on the topic of emotion.