Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology


The Historical and Cultural Anthropology Department in Tübingen has focused on topics within Europe for some time now: Europe is the primary – but certainly not the only – area in which it conducts research. Thus, the Ludwig Uhland Institute began early on to work together with British researchers in the field of Cultural Studies, and French researchers in Ethnologie Francaise, (in addition to, in the meanwhile, researchers from many other European countries doing work in the field of ethnology). At the same time, Europe is the primary area of research at the Institute. For years now, the Institute has focused in its studies in particular on Southeastern Europe. Europeanization (and with it, the European Union) is a central focus of research, together with the large-scale migration flows at present, and the question of cultural diversity in our everyday life – also in the everyday life of students. LUI maintains very good relationships with a great number of European partner institutions – as for example, through the Erasmus partnerships.