Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

The local region

Research and teaching in the field of Cultural Studies at the Ludwig Uhland Institute (LUI) is anchored in the region around it. The region is in this connection understood as an order of cultural space that has become a matter of historical record and is defined by social practice. Baden and Württemberg (respectively, Baden-Württemberg) are the starting point and subject of research on everyday culture that has a Regional Studies orientation, and of research on knowledge production and science studiesoncerning the dynamics of spatial orders.
Within the context of research at LUI, the region is understood as a dynamic area of knowledge. Thus, research is conducted on the manner in which regions “are made”: which stakeholders with their respective intentions and actions come into being, which images and ideas of the region are created and put into practice, which policies are linked to spatial arrangements, the demarcation of borders, and examples of integration, and how the region is experienced and lived in everyday life.