Institute of Art History

Studying abroad

Erasmus+ program

Tübingen students of Art History (Bachelor and Master) can study at another university in Europe for one or two semesters. The Institute of Art History’s partner universities are Milan, Rome, Poitiers, and Saragossa.

The Erasmus+ program also supports internships in all Erasmus countries. You are free to select the country, location and institution where the internship should take place, find further information here.

Current Information

The University La Sapienza in Rome offers advanced courses in English as part of their Directed Study Programme for the Humanities (including Art History). You can find more information here.

Contact person at the Institute of Art History

Dr. Daniela Wagner

phone: +49 (0)7071 29-75304
E-Mail: daniela.wagner[at]
oder exchange[at]

Room 08 (right-hand entrance to the Burse)
Office hours can be found on the staff pages.

Information on exchange programs

You can find general information on the University of Tübingen’s Erasmus+ program here and in the Division for International Affairs, Wilhelmstraße 9, entrance from the Nauklerstraße.
The Division for International Affairs can also inform you about exchange universities outside of the EU and scholarships.

International students

International students who want to study in Tübingen for one or two semesters in the context of an exchange program should contact the staff members at their home university responsible for exchange programs.
If you are an international student and want to receive a degree in Tübingen, please contact Section 2 of the Division of International Affairs.