Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics

Astrophysics Colloquium

Summer Term 2021

4 p.m. c.t.


Online via Zoom (connection details in the announcement mail)

Apr 19

Victor Doroshenko, HEA-IAAT
eROSITA onboard Spektr-RG (SRG)

May 3

Anna Penzlin, CPT-IAAT

The binary evolution caused by a circumbinary disc

May 17

Ildar Khabibullin, MPA, Garching

A glimpse into Sgr A*'s past and molecular clouds interiors via scanning X-ray echo-tomographer in the Galactic Center

June 14

Tanja Hinderer, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University

Probing subatomic physics with gravitational waves from neutron star binary inspirals


June 21

Sabina Raducan, Space Research & Planetary Sciences, Bern University

Numerical investigations of the DART impact outcome and consequences for planetary defence missions

June 28

Francois Foucart, UNH-Durham, USA

Modeling kilonovae and r-process nucleosynthesis in neutron star mergers: the role of numerical simulations


July 12

Aurora Simionescu, SRON, Netherlands

The interaction and relationship between thermal and relativistic plasmas in clusters of galaxies

July 26