Faculty of Protestant Theology

What we do

As also described in LHG § 65a,4, we as a student council are an association of the students of our faculty. Thus we want to actively participate in the organization of the study and the life at the university.

In concrete terms, this means that we meet weekly to discuss and organise current issues. All students of our faculty are invited to these meetings. Even without having been present, you can follow the content of the meetings via our minutes (German only). 

We organize two pretzel breakfasts per semester and a study day with different speakers.  

Every Friday at 12:15 p.m. the devotion takes place in seminar room 4. In addition, every second and fourth Tuesday of the month we organize a Theo regular's table in the Atrium (Haaggasse 10) at 20:00 o'clock.

We are also available as contact persons for all those who are just beginning their studies at our faculty.

new students / introductory days

The introduction days take place at the beginning of each semester. Whether you are studying theology for church, teaching, a bachelor or a master's degree, here you can find out what is important for the start of your studies, what about languages, who to contact - all open questions can be answered here.

The introductory days are the joint responsibility of the faculty, the Oberkirchenrat and ourselves as a student body. Further information can be found on the following page: Introductory event to the study of theology.

If you are still unsure whether you would like to study theology, you are welcome to visit us at the Student Information Day.

Committees and Commissions

The members of the student council are also involved in the various permanent and temporary committees and commissions of our faculty. These include

  • Faculty Council: the highest body of the faculty
  • Study Commission: This is where examination regulations and everything related to study programmes are discussed.
  • Equality matters board
  • Appeals committees: This commission fills vacant positions of professors.
  • Departmental meetings


Apart from working in our own faculty, we are also active in inter- and extra-faculty exchange.

Together with our Catholics we participate every semester in the preparation of the annotated course catalogue (KVV) and jointly set up a book flea market when our library sorts out books. The collected donations are given to social institutions and projects. 

Together with the other Protestant theological faculties in German-speaking countries, we are organised in the Student Union of Protestant Theology (SETh).