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SiBa - Safety in Main Station Districts (Sicherheit im Bahnhofsviertel)

As of August 2017 the Federal Ministry of Education and Research promotes the joint research project "Safety in Main Station Districts" (Sicherheit im Bahnhofsviertel - SiBa), addressing safety issues in and around quarters situated nearby main railway stations. The promotion is being granted for the period of three years in the context of the field "Future Security in Urban Space" within the framework program "Research for Civil Security".

Led by the Endowed Professorship of Crime Prevention and Risk Management and in cooperation with the Professorship of Public Safety and Emergency Management (University of Wuppertal) the project partners aim to develop a holistic security concept with practical advice on crime prevention and urban development. The analysis will encompass potential risks as well as security potentials of urban districts surrounding the central station.

In close collaboration with the partner cities Düsseldorf, Leipzig and Munich the research team gains inside information on local crime prevention strategies. The dissemination of the research results will be supported by the affiliated partners DFK, DPT and DEFUS.

For further information on the security program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, visit www.sifo.de.