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A.J. Meixner (Speaker)


Physical Chemistry

Optical single molecule spectroscopy, confocal and optical near-field microscopy, nano-optics; Raman spectroscopy and near-field microscopy of organic solar cells, dye sensitized solar cells (parobolic mirror nano-optics)

M. Brecht

Physical Chemistry and Reutlingen University

Low temperature single molecule spectroscopy, photosynthesis, bio-nano-hybrids

T. Chassé

H. Peisert

Physical Chemistry

Structure and electronic properties of molecular layer systems, epitactic oxide layers, molecular beam epitaxy, photo electron diffraction

D.P. Kern

M. Fleischer

Applied Physics

Micro- and nanotechnology, fabrication and characterization of semiconductor and metal structures, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) for sensing and electron optics, plasmonic nanostructures, nanofabrication for nano-optics

F. Schreiber

Applied Physics

Organic semiconducting films for organic electronics and optoelectronics, organic molecules including biomolecules at the solid-liquid-interface, biological macromolecules and (functionalized) nanoparticles

R. Fink

Theoretical Chemistry

Electron structure methods for the theory of organic solar cells, calculation of core electron spectra, and development of quantum chemical calculation methods