Dai Zhang Group

The research areas of Dr. D. Zhang's Junior Research Group are tip-enhanced Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy, spatially resolved spectroscopy, near-field microscopy on organic semiconductors, and plasmonics. Her central topics include the investigation of morphology with respect to the "bulk-heterojunction" efficiency of organic solar cells, as well as charge transfer processes in dye sensitized solar cells.

With regard to hν, close collaborations exist with the groups of M. Brecht (single molecule spectroscopy), F. Schreiber and T. Chassé (molecular films, semiconductors), and D. Kern / M. Fleischer (plasmonics, optical antenna systems). Within the core facility LISA+, additional strong links exist with the groups of J. Fortágh and C. Zimmermann (laser microscopy) as well as R. Kleiner and D. Kölle (spatially resolved spectroscopy of superconducting devices).