Institut für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie

Group Seminar of the Theoretical Chemistry Groups

The seminar is held every tuesday at 16.15h in the physical chemistry library on the third floor (3 O 15).

26.04.2022 Stefan Behnle The Orbital Optimized REMP Hybrid Perturbation Theory -
Accurate Thermochemistry and Structures from 2nd Order PT
03.05.2022 Reinhold Fink How do molecules cuddle? - Skipped
10.05.2022 Alicia Palacios Controlling attosecond electron dynamics in atoms and small molecules with XUV-XUV pump-probe spectroscopy
17.05.2022 Mats Simmermacher An Introduction to the Theory of Ultrafast X-Ray Scattering
24.05.2022 Holger Euchner Modeling electrochemical systems by density functional theory: Batteries and beyond



Henrik R. Larsson (online) Molecules in quantum motion -- Tensor network states for vibrational and electronic wavefunctions
14.06.2022 -  
21.06.2022 Benjamin Pölloth Computational Chemistry in High School - A Chance to Foster Knowledge on Energy?
28.06.2022 Marc Edelmann Validation of the S2REMP-Method
05.07.2022 Gurli Schuster

Investigation of Electronic Decay Processes with Streaking

12.07.2022 Amel Bendimred and Djamil Maouene Explaining the Exchange Repulsion in Charge Tranfer Salts with Molecular Orbitals
19.07.2022 Cheyenne Dell'Ermo Additivity of Repulsive Forces in Diels-Alder reactions
26.07.2022 Majda Sekkal Rahal DFT calculations of nonlinear optical response of polymer materials