Frank Schreiber Group

The group of F. Schreiber investigates organic molecules at interfaces with a number of complementary methods, in particular using diffraction (x-ray / synchrotron and neutrons, elastic and inelastic) as well as optical and vibrational spectroscopy. Current research topics include: (1) Organic semiconducting films for organic electronics and optoelectronics, prepared by evaporation. A speciality of this work is the in-situ observation of the structural and optical properties in real-time already during growth. (2) Organic molecules including biomolecules at the solid-liquid interface. The solid surfaces are in this case functionalized by self-aggregating monolayers (SAMs), whereby the interaction e.g. between proteins at the interface can be guided. Here, in-situ observation on the molecular scale is particularly important. (3) Biological macro-molecules (proteins) and (functionalized) nanoparticles in (colloidal) solutions with respect to their structure at the interface of the solution (water with salt ions) and their dynamics.