Algorithms in Bioinformatics

BIOINF4240 Bioinformatics Tools Practical Course -2

This is a second copy of the tools course.

Teachers Prof. Daniel Huson and NN
Course 2-13 October 2023, 9-17h, C214, Sand 14

Organisational meeting

May 8, 2023 17-17:30h, by Zoom. Here we will finalize the list of participants. 
Audience  Master students bioinformatics, open to all variant A students, and to variant B,C students that have already passed BIOINF4110 Sequence Bioinformatics
Language English
Links Alma Ilias


In this project, students will work together in teams to complete a set of tasks in the context of a larger project.


Please use your own laptops to use as X-terminals.

All computations will be performed on dedicated servers, which you will be able to login to from your laptop.

You will receive login info a week or two before the course so that you can make sure that your laptop allows you to access the server.


In the first part of this course you will learn to use a number of fundamental concepts and tools for genomic and metagenomic data, including:

  • file formats, FastA, FastQ, SAM, MAF, DAA...
  • sequence assembly (e.g. minasm and others),
  • short read alignment (DIAMOND),
  • sequence preprocessing,
  • sequence comparison,
  • genome browsers, MEGAN,
  • taxonomic and functional analysis of short and long reads,

In the second part of the course you will use some of the introduced tools to perform a complete analysis of a challenge dataset, as well as a biological dataset. 


Your grade will be based on (some of)  the following: 

  • a lab journal that documents and discusses results of the day
  • one talk in a group (approximately 20 min)
  • a written summary of the project (2-3 pages).

Requirements for admission

This course is for MSc students. You should have good knowledge of sequence-based bioinformatics analysis (e.g. as taught in Grundlagen der Bioinformatik or Sequence Bioinformatics). Knowledge of Java or Python is required.