Algorithms in Bioinformatics

Bachelor Theses

Here is a listing of possible topics for projects. Please come and see us if you want to learn more about the topics. Further suggestions are welcome.


No theses in Summer Semester 2024 (Prof Huson is on sabbatical).


  • Visualization of haplotype data on maps -  Nikolas Kreisz
  • Implementation and applications of split-newick format in Python - Alexander Held
  • Implementation of frame-work for autocatalytic networks in Python - assigned
  • Building a web server for remote visualization of metagenome sequencing data - done
  • Explore possible pipelines for long-read 16S microbiome data - available
  • Setup a knowledge-base for microbiome omics data -available
  • Phylogenetics tool kit - implement a webpage providing phylogenetic outlines and similar - available


  • Exploring improvement possibilities for reference based metagenome binning using sequence specific properties - done
  • A machine learning approach for survival prediction using transcriptome profiling data from lung cancer patients - done
  • BioSurfDB and use in MEGAN for fruit waste microbiome analysis - done
  • Visual analysis of large phylogenetic profiles using unrooted densi-trees - done
  • Unrooted densitrees - done
  • Using the BioSurfantDB classification in microbiome analysis using MEGAN - done
  • A machine learning approach for survival prediction using transcriptome profiling data from lung cancer patients - done
  • - Webserver for remote visualization of metagenome sequencing data - done


    Simulation amplicon sequencing for applciations in disease analysis - done
  • LCA analysis of metagenomic sequences in Python - done
  • Simulation study on the impact of reagent contamination in metagenomic analysis - done
  • Inter-study comparison in metagenomics - done
  • Implementation and improvement of MEGAN's taxonomic binning algorithms, in Python - done
  • Implementation of a MDA simulator with applications to COVID, in Python - done


  • Contamination filtering in microbiome analysis - done
  • Inter-study comparison in metagenomics - done


  • Analysis of metagenomic long-read sequences from a biorector - done
  • Durchschnitt von Fraktalen mit Hyperebenen - done
  • Darstellung der Kanten von periodischen Kachelungen in allen Geometrien - done
  • Using Mash, Dashing and other k-mer approaches to compute phylogenetic networks on bacteria - done


  • Analyse unterschiedlicher Zellpopulationen von und nach Therapie - done
  • Improved taxonomic profiles based on simulated binning - done
  • Completeness, contamination and annotation of long read metagenome datasets - done


  • Analysis of antimicrobial resistance in microbiome sequencing data - done
  • Application of MetaCyc in microbiome analysis - done
  • Classification of phages and visualization -  done
  • Comparison of different KEGG-based microbiome analysis approaches - done


  • Development of a MobileApp/Website for advising proper antibiotics usage - done
  • Phage identification in metagenomics - done
  • Fast computation of consensus splits - done
  • Structural variants of Bacteroides vulgatus - done
  • Ecoli assembly - done
  • NanoChain: An Empirical Nanopore Read Simulator - done


  • Design and implementation of a web portal for microbiome data - done
  • Analysis of microbiome data in the context of Adipositas - done
  • Analysis of publicly available 16S human gut microbiome data - done
  • Deploying bioinformatics tools in the cloud using Docker -done
  • Steered Molecular Dynamics of 2fdt structure - done
  • Influence of Processing on 16S Analysis Data - done


  • Visualisierung taxonomischer Daten mit Voronoi Trees - done
  • Fast comparison of metagenomic samples - done
  • Functional analysis using BioCyce - done
  • Genes associated with diabetes in the microbiome -done


  • Comparision of metagenomic DNA, done
  • Clouding computing in bioinformatics, done
  • Android app for phylogenetic trees - done
  • Hybrid approach to analysis of 16S rRNA data - done


  • Transskriptomanalyse von Krebszellen, done


  • Vergleich von existierenden Metagenomics Pipelines -done
  • Analysis of ancient DNA - done


  • Plattform für Next-Gen Transkriptomanalyse- done