Algorithms in Bioinformatics

BIOINF3310 Phylogeny and Evolution

Lecturers Prof. Daniel Huson and TBA

Thursdays, 8:15-10:00, in C118a Sand, starting October 19.


Assignments will be made available every Thursday at 8am via Ilias. Solutions are due by the following Thursday  at 8am. 


Wednesday , 14:15-16:00, C215, Sand, starting Nov. 8th

Participation is mandatory.

Exam Written exam
Audience Bachelor students, bioinformatics and medical informatics, 6 LP
Language English


Alma Ilias


This course gives an introduction to the basic concepts and methods of phylogenetics, with an emphasis on phylogenetic networks.

Here is a tentative schedule:

Date Topic Assignments
19.10. 1. Graphs and trees Assignment 1

2. Counting trees and tree neighborhoods

Assignment 2

3. Maximum parsimony

(Some overlap with Sequence Bioinformatics)

Assignment 3

4. A simple model of evolution

(Some overlap with Sequence Bioinformatics)

Assignment 4

5. Maximum-Likelihood

(Some overlap with Sequence Bioinformatics)

Assignment 5

6. Distance-based method

(Some overlap with Sequence Bioinformatics)

Assignment 6

7. Rooted trees and networks

Assignment 7



Assignment 8

14.12. 8. Unrooted trees and networks Assignment 9
21.12. continued  
11.01. 9. Consensus trees and networks Assignment 10
18.01. 10. Neighbor net Assignment 11
28.01. 11. Phylogenetic outlines Practice exam
1.02. EXAM in F119 Sand 6/7  

There will be a makeup exam on April 3rd, 10-12h, F119, Sand 6/7 . Please send an email to Prof. Daniel Huson if you intend to participate in this exam.

Recommended textbooks

How to get credit for this course

  • Always participate in the weekly problem sessions and actively present your results. If you miss more than two tutorials, then you will not be allowed to take the exam.
  • Assignments are set weekly and are due the following week.
  • Obtain at least 50% of all points. If you obtain 70%, 80% or 90% of all possible assignment points, then you will receive bonus points toward your exam.
  • Pass the exam.