Algorithms in Bioinformatics

BIOINF4103 Group Project Bioinformatics

Lecturer Prof. Daniel Huson
Date 22. October 2021
Times Fridays, 8-10h,  19.11.2021 .- 14.1.2022
Register Will be discussed in the lecture "Sequence Bioinformatics"
Language English
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In the group project, upto four students work together on a topic that was presented in the lecture.

To take this course, you must also be taking the course "Sequence Bioinformatics".

You can also take this course next summer while taking the course  "Structure Bioinformatics".

A number of topics will proposed. You will work on these topics for a number of weeks and will then present your results.

You grade will be based on the presentation.


BIOINF4103 Gruppen Projekt Bioinformatik

Dozent*innen Prof. Daniel Huson
Datum 22. Oktober 2021
Zeiten Freitags, 8-10h,  19.11.2021 .- 14.1.2022
Anmeldung In der Vorlesung Sequence Bioinformatics.
Sprache Englisch
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