Cognitive Modeling

Dozent / Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Martin Butz

Dr. Anna Belardinelli

Zeit / Time

Fr 8 c.t. - 12

Lecture & Practice Session

Umfang / Credit


Beginn / First Class

18.10.2013 at 9:15

Ort / Location

Sand 14, Übungsraum (Informatik), A 302

Prüfungsfach / Course of Study

Master Cognitive Science OR Master Computer Science


Cognitive Modeling

Klausurtermin / Final Exam

7.2.2014 (9:15-11:45)

This lecture will be held in English.

Cognitive Models as well as tools for cognitive modeling, model analysis, and model comparison will be introduced. Matlab will be used for the computational modeling efforts (no prior Matlab knowledge is necessary). Various modeling approaches will be compared. At the end of the lecture, case studies of particular cognitive models will be presented.