Cognitive Modeling

Cognitive Modeling

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Dr. Anna Belardinelli


Fr 8.30 s. t. bis 12 Uhr

Vorlesung und Übung

Umfang 6 LP
Beginn 21.10.2016

Informatik (Sand 14)

Seminarraum C215

Prüfungsfach Master KogWis, Master Informatik

Kognitionswissenschaft: Bereich MKOG und Bereich MKOGINF

Informatik/Praktische Informatik, Medieninformatik (allgemeiner Wahlpflichtbereich)

Bioinformatik (Wahlpflichtbereich Informatik/Praktische Informatik)


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This lecture will be held in English.

Cognitive Models as well as tools and principles for cognitive modeling, model analysis, and model comparison will be introduced. Matlab will be used for the computational modeling efforts (no prior Matlab experience is necessary). Various modeling approaches will be compared and relevant research papers interactively discussed in the group. At the end of the lecture, case studies of particular cognitive models will be presented.