Neural Information Processing

Journal Club Winter Term 2015/16

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Tuesdays from 10:15 till 11:45 hrs, weekly
72076 Tübingen, Sand 6, room F230

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Attending the Journal Club will NOT give you any credit points (ECTS).

date presenter paper
20.10.2015 Felix Wichmann Henning, G. B., Bird, C. M., and Wichmann, F. A. (2002). Contrast discrimination with pulse trains in pink noise.
Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 19(7):1259–1266.
27.10.2015 Sophie Laturnus

Banks, M., S. et al. (2015). Why do animal eyes have pupils of different shapes?
Science Advances, 1.7 (2015): e1500391.

03.11.2015 - no journal club -
10.11.2015 Theresa Stadler Rolfs, M., Dambacher, M. and Cavanagh, P. (2013). Visual adaptation of the perception of causality.
Current Biology, 23(3), 250-254,
17.11.2015 Nicole Eichert Griffiths, T. L., Lieder, F. and Goodman, N. D. (2015). Rational use of cognitive resources: levels of analysis between the computational and the algorithmic.
Topics in CogSci, 7, 217–229, DOI: 10.1111/tops.12142
24.11.2015 Marius Görner

Derrington, A. M. and Henning, G. B. (1989). Some observations on the masking effects of two-dimensional stimuli.
Vision Research, 29(2):241–246.

01.12.2015 Tom Wallis Hoffman, D.D., Singh, M. and Prakash, C (2015). The interface theory of perception.
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review,1-27, DOI 10.3758/s13423-015-0890-8.
08.12.2015 - no journal club -
15.12.2015 Britta Lewke Christensen, J. H., Bex, P. J. and Fiser, J. (2015). Prior implicit knowledge shapes human threshold for orientation noise.
Journal of Vision, Vol.15, 24. DOI:10.1167/15.9.24.
22.12.2015 - holiday -
29.12.2015 - holiday -
05.01.2016 - holiday -
12.01.2016 Heiko Schütt Faul, F. and Ekroll, V. (2011). On the filter approach to perceptual transparency.
Journal of Vision, Vol.11, 7. DOI:10.1167/11.7.7.
19.01.2016 Tom Wallis

Morey, R. D., Hoekstra, R., Rouder, J. N., Lee, M. D., and Wagenmakers, E.-J. (2015). The fallacy of placing confidence in confidence intervals.
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review,



David Janssen

Koenderink, J., van Doorn, A., Albertazzi, L. and Wagemans, J. (2015). Relief articulation techniques.
Art and Perception, 3, 151-171.

02.02.2016 Heiko Schütt

Cholewiak, S. A., Fleming, R. W. and Singh, M. (2015). Perception of physical stability and center of mass of 3-D objects.
Journal of Vision, 15(2):13, 1–11.

09.02.2016 - no journal club -