Neural Information Processing

Journal Club Winter Term 2019/20

Day, time & location:

Mon, 21.10.19: 10:15  (first meeting to allocate the topics)
Mon, 10.02.20: 09:15-18:00
Tue, 11.02.20: 09:15-18:00
Wed, 12.02.20: 09:15-12:45

72076 Tübingen, Maria-von-Linden-Str. 6, 1st floor, room no. 10-10/A12


Students can obtain 2 ECTS for the active participation in the Journal Club (non graded, only pass or fail). Active participation implies, first, that students have to present at least one paper during term. Second, they have to attend the Journal Club regularly: non-attendance will only be tolerated once per term (unless the student provides a doctor's note).

Finally, the number of participants at the Journal Club is strictly limited to 10, and members of the NIP lab take precedence over external students. Thus in practice there is a limit of 2, 3 or maximally 4 external students per term, depending on the number of current NIP lab members.