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Application M.Sc. Media Informatics

Thank you for your interest in the Master's program in Media Informatics!

Below you will find all the necessary information to successfully apply to the University of Tübingen.


For the master's program in media informatics, you ideally have a bachelor's degree in media informatics. However, admission is also often possible with bachelor's degrees in another computer science program or a related program, possibly with conditions, i.e. basic courses whose knowledge is required for the master's degree in media informatics. Depending on the conditions, these may be credited as part of the master's program or additional performance may be required for very basic courses.

Admission and enrollment

The Master's program in Media Informatics is not subject to admission restrictions, but you must check individually whether the necessary content requirements are met with the Bachelor's program. To do this, you must register at the University of Tübingen's online portal by March 31 for the summer semester or September 15 for the winter semester.

More information about the application you can find on the central study website of the University of Tübingen.

Content requirements

The Master's program requires basic knowledge from the Bachelor's program. Upon admission, conditions may therefore be imposed that courses must be attended in addition to or as part of the Master's program.

For Bachelor's degrees that were not earned at the University of Tübingen, there is a blanket requirement that the foundation courses in the core areas of media informatics must be completed. These are the courses

  • Mathematics II
  • Algorithms
  • User Interface Design
  • Fundamentals of Internet Technologies
  • Image processing
  • Basics of multimedia technology
  • Graphic data processing

A requirement can also be fulfilled by submitting proof to the respective lecturer that a course with the same content has already been attended in the bachelor's degree program (usually by means of a degree certificate and module description). For corresponding confirmations from the lecturers, use this form (PDF).

If the content was not provided in the Bachelor's degree, we recommend that these courses be completed as early as possible in the Master's degree program, as they form the basis for more in-depth courses. Up to 18 ECTS can be credited in the study area Computer Science and Media Informatics (MEDI-INFO).


If you have any questions about the application or the program, you can reach us at:

Mail: medieninformatikspam

You can find more information under study advising.

Furthermore, you can contact the Student Secretariat (for the application or formal questions about it) and the Central Student Advisory Service.

International Students

International Students who wish to apply for the Master's Programme in Tübingen should contact the advising and admission services for international students for further information. In order to do so, you may follow the link above or send an e-mail to the following adress:

International Office
Advising and Admission of International Students

Nauklerstasse 2
D - 72074 Tübingen

Email: studyspam