Department of Computer Science

Media Informatics (Master of Science)

Target Group and Admission

The master's program in Media Informatics at the University of Tübingen offers graduates of bachelor's programs at universities, but also at universities of applied sciences, an academic informatics education with additional qualification in the field of digital media. The underlying Bachelor's degree should have been obtained in a related subject.
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Study Contents

The M.Sc. Media Informatics provides advanced content in media informatics with the core areas of human-computer interaction and media production, web and internet, computer graphics and visual computing, and multimedia technology. It also includes a practical module, which can be designed to be research- or application-oriented. The program is characterized by a high degree of elective freedom; in addition to the core modules in media informatics, students can take courses in computer science and specific application subjects. Here are the areas from which the courses are chosen:

A specific timetable could thus look as follows:

Occupational fields and perspectives

The master's degree program in media informatics also enables applicants with a UAS degree to pursue university studies, thereby opening up attractive opportunities for doctoral studies and an academic career.

The following occupational fields are examples:

  • Innovation and research: development of new types of electronic media
  • Development of digital learning and interaction platforms: Software development, software architecture, project management, entertainment industry: development of computer and video games, radio and television
  • Software development: design of user interfaces for computers, PDAs, cell phones, televisions, home appliances, consumer electronics and electronic health products
  • Web engineering & Internet agencies: development of websites, interactive web applications (Web 2.0) and personalized web applications (Web 3.0)
  • Automotive industry: development of driver assistance systems