SFB 833 Project A1 (07/2009 - )

Combinatory Variation of Meaning at the Semantics/Pragmatics Interface

Principal investigator:

Prof. Dr. Claudia Maienborn


Anna Pryslopska (since 05/2014), PD Dr. Sebastian Bücking (since 09/2017), PD Dr. Martin Schäfer (since 10/2018), Helga Gese (2009-2014), Dr. Britta Stolterfoht (2009-2010), Frauke Buscher (2010-2017), Johanna Herdtfelder (2011-2018))
associated members: Natascha Elxnath, Judith Lauterbach, Sarah Metzger, Dr. Regina Zieleke; former members: Dr. Julia Lukassek, PD Dr. Sarah Zobel

This project addresses the combinatory adjustment processes active in the interpretation of natural language at the semantics/pragmatics interface. The aim is to cast light upon the linguistic grey area between semantic underspecification and reinterpretation. For the empirical grounding of the theoretical linguistic analyses we will use psycholinguistic and corpuslinguistic methods. Main focus of research in the first phase of the project will be on the access to covert events by means of modifiers.

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