SFB 833 Project B7 (07/2009 - )

Language Processing and Time Cognition: Spatial Foundation of Time-Reference in Linguistic Expressions

Principal investigators:

Prof. Dr. Rolf Ulrich, Prof. Dr. Claudia Maienborn


Edith Scheifele (since 2017), Linda von Sobbe (since 2017), Simone Alex-Ruf (2009-2017), Verena Eikmeier (2011-2017), Susana Ruiz-Fernández (2009-2011)

Studies in cognitive psychology suggest that temporal expressions are grounded in spatial experiences. Particularly current findings show that humans posses a mental timeline running from left to right. The research project examines the linguistic and cognitive aspects and implications of such a left/right alignment of the mental representation of time for the linguistic time and event reference. The project is interdisciplinary with the departments of cognitive psychology and linguistics working together.

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