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The Linguistics section is highly active in research and is very successful in gaining third-party funding for research initiatives. Linguists of the section contribute significantly to the large scale collaborative research center SFB 883 'The Construction of Meaning', the Research Training Group GRK 1808 'Ambiguity', and the Tübingen Center for Linguistics (TüZLi).

Current Research Projects

Habilitations and Dissertations

(since 2005)


  • Konietzko, Andreas (2020), "Islands and Complex Constructions in English and German: Bridging the Gap between Theory of Grammar, Processing and Neurolinguistics" Kumulative Habilitationsschrift, Universität Tübingen. (Winkler)
  • Hartmann, Jutta (2016), "The Syntax and Focus Structure of Specificational Copular Clauses and Clefts" Habilitationsschrift, Universität Tübingen. (Winkler)
  • Grosz-Patel, Pritty (2014), "On Structural and Contextual Relations in the Grammar: Individual Variables, Agreement, and Anaphoric Presuppositions" Kumulative Habilitationsschrift, Universität Tübingen. (Beck)
  • Gergel, Remus (2010), "From Comparisons to Preferences" Kumulative Habilitationsschrift, Universität Tübingen. (Beck)


  • Kehl, Andreas (in prep.), "Adjunct Islands. Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives from English and German." (Winkler)
  • von Wietersheim, Sophie (in prep.), "Binding as Evidence for Structural Integration" (Featherston)
  • Wimmer, Alexander (2020), "On Certain Conditionals" Dissertation, Universität Tübingen. (Beck) Download
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  • Jäger, Marion (2020), "Focus Particles and Extraction" Dissertation, Universität Tübingen. (Winkler) Download
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