Tübingen Center for Digital Education

Knowledge Integration of technological and ethical knowledge in learning processes in the context of Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday life has become commonplace at its latest with chat GPT and is thereby increasingly present in educational contexts as well.

In order to deal responsibly with new technologies, it is necessary to acquire knowledge about their technological modes of operation in order to be able to generate critical reflection competence with regard to ethical and social risks. Only by linking technological and ethical knowledge it is ensured that technologies are used in accordance with the values and norms of a society.

The aim of the project is therefore

  • to design a flipped classroom learning module that combines ethical and social aspects on the one hand with the teaching of basic knowledge about the function and mode of action of artificial intelligence on the other, and
  • to empirically investigate the knowledge integration of technical and ethical knowledge about artificial intelligence in the learning process,

to promote the ability to critically reflect on the use of artificial intelligence in learning processes.

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