Tübingen Center for Digital Education

Center for Digitization-Related Networking and Transfer in Education

Subproject University of Tübingen


The project is a sub-project of the networking and transfer office "Center for Digitization-Related Networking and Transfer in School Education", which is coordinated by the University of Potsdam. The aim of the networking and transfer office is to support the competence centers for digital and digitally supported teaching in schools and further education in bringing their results into educational practice and the wider public and to network them with each other.

TüCeDE is active in the overall project in the focus areas of science and competence centers. In the focus area of science, research syntheses in the topic area of digitization are created across locations by applying current and innovative methods, and relevant research syntheses are prepared according to current standards of science communication. The focus area Competence Centers aims at merging the alliances into topic-related competence centers with synergy building within and between the centers as well as supporting the centers in research-based measure development and knowledge transfer into the education system. The Tübingen subproject is responsible for networking in the subjects of economics/economic education and chemistry.


Project management: Prof. Dr. Andreas Lachner , Prof. Dr. Stefan Schwarzer, Prof. Dr. Taiga Brahm

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