Tübingen Center for Digital Education

Teachers’ Professional Competencies for Technology Integration

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the integration of technology into education is of paramount importance. Teacher’s competencies are regarded as a central backbone to a successful integration of digital technology into the classroom. Teachers must not only possess professional knowledge, but also the ability to apply their knowledge, i.e., to notice and reason on the potential of technology in teaching contexts (process-related competencies).


This project aims to enhance the integration of technology in educational settings by first understanding the knowledge structure of teachers and pre-service teachers and then fostering their competencies to use technology effectively in the classroom. For this, a holistic approach is chosen that includes both professional knowledge and process-related competencies of technology integration.

  1. Investigating Professional Knowledge: In the initial phase of the project, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the existing knowledge structure of teachers and pre-service teachers regarding technology integration. This analysis will help us understand the current state of technological knowledge in educational contexts.
  2. Enhancing Process-Related Competencies: Building on the insights gained in the initial phase of the project, we will implement intervention studies to enhance the process-related competencies required for technology integration. Specifically, we will focus on teachers' abilities to notice and reason about the potential of digital technology for fostering teaching quality. To this end, we will use an annotation tool that can be used to view and comment on classroom videos to promote teachers’ application of knowledge in classroom situations.

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