Department of Computer Science

Medical Informatics (Master’s degree course)

Welcome to our International Master's program in Medical Informatics!

Target group

Our program in Medical Informatics will be a perfect fit for you if

  • you are interested in current medical informatics research and in modern methods applied in medicine.
  • you have a strong affinity for computer science and programming, e.g. Biostatistics, Python, etc.
  • you hold an above-average Bachelor’s or equivalent degree.

Goals and objectives

The aim of the Master's degree course in Medical Informatics is to provide IT experts with additional qualifications focusing on areas of human medicine. Graduates of this program will be able to constructively analyze problems, to apply and further develop the most important principles, concepts, and methods of computer science for handling issues of medicine.

Paired with the introduction to the latest national and international cutting-edge research, the program will enable graduates to pursue a doctoral degree.


Medical Informatics is the interdisciplinary science of the systematic acquisition, administration, storage, processing and provision of data, information and knowledge in medicine and healthcare. The Master’s degree course in Medical Informatics teaches important principles, concepts and methods at the intersection of computer science and human medicine.

Depending on your previous qualifications (Bachelor’s degree), we offer 3 possible study variants:

  • Profile A: for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Informatics or a comparable field
  • Profile B: for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences or a comparable field
  • Profile C: for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a comparable field

Courses in our Master's program consist of compulsory modules and related areas that can be combined freely. We encourage our students to design their own course of study that best suits their individual interests. Our Course Plan Recommendation provides additional explanations and guidance for each profile. Through selection of the appropriate courses within the required elective modules, it is possible to complete this degree course entirely in English.

Career opportunities and prospects

This degree course provides graduates with knowledge about the application and development of computer science methods in the medical field, enabling them to develop programs and to lead development teams in various fields of application.

Career prospects can be found in all areas of the IT industry, especially in the diverse professional fields of medical information processing and healthcare.


For admission requirements, application process and deadlines, please see Medical Informatics - Master.

For further information, please visit FAQ Master and/or contact our Student Affairs Department: studyspam

We are looking forward to welcoming you as our student.

Program director and Chair of board of examiners
Prof. Dr. Nico Pfeifer