Institute for Neurobiology

Neurobiology of Vocal Communication

Our lab aims to understand the flexible control of complex behavior. We combine traditional neuroethological approaches with behavioral training to study the neural basis of flexible song sequencing in Bengalese finches. We use a wide range of modern systems neuroscience techniques to study neural circuits involved in motor learning and flexible motor control in the avian brain.


  • Mar 2022: Lena is presenting (online) at CIN-NIPS Asia Pacific Systems Neuroscience Symposium on March 7 - email CIN support for registration
  • Mar 2022: Jacqueline joins as a new Phd student
  • Feb 2022: Lena is presenting at this month's Bridging Brains and Bioacoustics seminar: Feb 16, 4pm Register here for zoom link!
  • Feb 2022: We received a fellowship from the Daimler and Benz Foundation
  • Jan 2022: Lena will present at Cosyne 2022! I cannot wait for my first in-person conference in a long time :-D
  • Dec 2022: Lena received the intramural Athene Grant
  • Oct 2021: Avani was accepted to the IMPRS PhD program - Congratulations!
  • Sep 2021: Csilla finished her Master thesis - Congratulations!
  • Jun 2021: Our first Bengalese finch paper is out now in eLife:
  • Oct 2020: Avani has joined the lab as our first PhD student
  • Jun 2020: Veit Lab is open (with face mask)! I’m looking for motivated BSc, MSc and PhD students to start this fall or later.