Institute of Evolution and Ecology (EvE)

General herbarium

The general herbarium at Tuebingen University (acronym: TUB) currently consists of approximately 250.000 specimens of vascular plants (200.000), ferns (6.000), mosses (15.000), liverworts (2.600), algae (4.000), lichens (7.000) and fungi (66.000), among them several thousand type specimen.

Many important historical collections are part of the general herbarium, e.g. specimens from J. G. Gmelin's famous Kamchatka Expedition (1733-1743), the private collection of Hugo von Mohl, or the collections of Unio Itineraria (Esslinger Reiseverein, 1825-1845), a legendary scientific society that organised world-wide natural history expeditions, many of them led by well-known explorers and naturalists such as Georg Wilhelm Schimper or Friedrich Welwitsch.