Department of Computer Science

Industry application-oriented research

From the transport system within a plant to flexible production systems to quality control, autonomous systems are one of the key technologies for the smart factory of the future. In the production of tomorrow, direct interaction between man and machine will be part of the daily routine. As such, we need to increase overall equipment smartness in the production lines so that our machines will be able to move in the same working space of human and work together without a protective cage.

In the autonomous system lab we aim to further extend AI research on a new safe way for humans, machines and data to interact. Working hand in hand with a robot, controlling complex facilities via our AI systems (with comprehensive safety and corresponding sensor technology) will support workers in repetitive and timing tasks.

With over 30 scientific publications and several years of teaching experience Dr. Shahram Eivazi is leading the Autonomous Systems lab at Tübingen University. He received his PhD from Finland in 2016 on the topic of hands-free neuro-surgical microscope. Then he join Tübingen University as a postdoctoral research for two years. In 2019, Dr. Eivazi join FESTO company to continue his research in industry with the focus on robotic AI.