Communication Networks

Marco Häberle


+49 7071 29-70575

I am working from home sometimes. Please send me an email when you can't reach me on the phone.

Telefax +49 7071 29-5220
E-Mail marco.haeberlespam
Raum B307

Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationsnetze

Universität Tübingen

Wilhelm-Schickard-Institut für Informatik

Sand 13, 72076 Tübingen

I'm a researcher and PhD student at the Chair of Communication Networks at University of Tübingen. Previously, I studied computer science at the University of Tübingen. I received a Beschelor's degree in 2016 and a Master's degree in 2018.


My current research areas include:

  • Software-defined Networking
  • P4
  • Network Security
  • Service Function Chaining



Summer Term 2020

  • Internetpraktikum (Lecturing, Supervising)

Winter Term 2019/20

  • Network Security (Lecturing selected chapters)
  • Praktikum Network Security (Lecturing, Supervising)

Summer Term 2019

  • Network Softwarization (Lecturing selected chapters)

Winter Term 2018/19

  • Network Security (Lecturing selected chapters, Supervising)
  • Communication Technologies (Supervising)

Supervised Theses and Student Research Projects


  • Master Thesis: Offloading Firewalls to Private Clouds Using Service Function Chaining
  • Master Thesis: Securing Service Function Chaining


  • Student Research Project (2019/20): Performance measurement of OpenVPN, IPsec, WireGuard
  • Master Thesis (2019): 802.1X, MACsec, and IPsec in P4-based Enterprise and Campus Networks
  • Master Thesis (2019): Voice Detection on P4 Switches



  1. Steffen Lindner, Daniel Merling, Marco Häberle, Michael Menth: P4-Protect: 1+1 Path Protection for P4, preprint on arxiv, February 2020
  2. Frederik Hauser, Marco Häberle, Mark Schmidt, Michael Menth: P4-IPsec: Implementation of IPsec Gateways in P4 with SDN Control for Host-to-Site Scenarios, preprint on arXiv, July 2019

Journal Papers

  1. Frederik Hauser, Mark Schmidt, Marco Häberle, Michael Menth: P4-MACsec: Dynamic Topology Monitoring and Data Layer Protection with MACsec in P4-SDN, preprint, in IEEE Access, 2020
  2. Michael Menth, Habib Mostafaei, Daniel Merlin, Marco Häberle: Implementation and Evaluation of Activity-Based Congestion Management Using P4 (P4-ABC), in MDPI Future Internet, July 2019

Conference Papers

  1. S. Lindner, M. Häberle, F. Heimgaertner, N. Nayak, S. Schildt, D. Grewe, H. Loehr, and M. Menth: P4 In-Network Source Protection for Sensor Failover, preprint, in Prodeedings of the International Workshop on Time-Sensitive and Deterministic Networking (TENSOR), June 2020, Paris, France.


  1. Marco Häberle: "Service Function Chaining Based on Segment Routing, P4, and SR-IOV", slides, 2. KuVS Fachgespräch "Network Softwarization", Tuebingen, Germany, March 2020.
  2. Marco Häberle: "An SDN Architecture for Automotive Ethernets", publication, slides, 2. KuVS Fachgespräch "Network Softwarization", Tuebingen, Germany, March 2020.
  3. Marco Häberle: "P4-IPsec and P4-MACsec: Flexible Protection of Campus Networks", Dartmouth/Durham/Uppsala Matariki Research Workshop: "First Matariki Cybersecurity Workshop", Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA, December 2019.


  1. P4-VPN: Software-Defined Control of Distributed IPsec Gateways on P4 Switches, Master's Thesis, University of Tuebingen, 2018

  2. Implementation of a Web-Based Frontend for JIT-Compiled PostgreSQL Functions, Bachelor's Thesis, University of Tuebingen, 2016