Tübingen Center for Digital Education


EARLI 2023


TüCeDE successfully participated in the EARLI 2023 conference in Thessaloniki, which was held under the motto "Education as a Hope in Uncertain Times". The conference, hosted by the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI), provided an important platform for the international exchange of educational research results.

The TüCeDE team presented an impressive variety of research at this international platform. Topics ranged from innovative design of adaptive teaching scenarios and research on the effectiveness of feedback to strategies for preparing teachers to meet these complex educational challenges. Of particular note was a symposium organized by TüCeDE and the "Special Interest Group (SIG7) Technology-Enhanced Learning and Instruction" on the design of learning environments through VR applications, which provided a multi-disciplinary perspective on the topic.

The EARLI 2023 conference was a success and underlined TüCeDE's commitment to innovative educational solutions. The insights and contacts gained will help improve education in a changing world and further advance the research work of the University of Tübingen.

In this context, we are already looking forward to hosting next year's conference of the "SIG6 Instructional Design" and "SIG7 Technology-Enhanced Learning and Instruction" in August 2024 in Tübingen.