Note for potential PhD student applicants

Please note that I receive about one or two PhD applications a week and that I am only considering applications from applicants demonstrating a credible interest in my very specific research areas. I would expect an applicant to have familiarized him- or herself with my current projects and recent publications prior to contacting me. Please refrain from sending me a “mass e-mail” which is not tailored to the specific research interests of my department.

Furthermore, please note that potential applicants primarily interested in obtaining a PhD title to further their professional career in a non-academic area should not apply. I am only interested in applicants demonstrating a credible interest in pursuing research of highest international standards, i.e. research publishable in international top tier journals.

The best indicator for the potential to pursue research at very high levels is a very good degree from a very good institution. Please critically evaluate your academic background before applying at my department.

Those applicants who credibly demonstrate their interest, commitment and potential to pursue a research project of highest levels, leading to an excellent PhD degree and first-rate publications should finally note that I would expect focused and hard work during the PhD writing period, but that my PhD students can also expect from me close guidance to the best of my abilities.

Prof. Markus Pudelko