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Between 2020 and 2023 Prof. Dr. Carrie Friese is a Distinguished Visiting Professor with the Tübingen Institute for Sociology.
In Tübingen once a year Prof. Friese will give a course either on methods/methodologies or on issues around her science and technology research. Her first course will be scheduled for the end of summer term 2020 (between Juli 16 and 22). It will be an online course taught via Zoom. The exact details are currently being worked out and will be 'broadcasted' via IfSoz-Mailinglist and our newsletter.


Carrie Friese works as an Associate Professor in the Sociology Department of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her research is in medical sociology and science and technology studies, with a focus on reproduction across humans and animals. Friese received her PhD from the Department of Social and Behavioral Science, University of California San Francisco. Her initial research focused on the use of assisted reproductive technologies for human reproduction in the context of infertility, with a particular focus on ageing and motherhood. She then explored the development of cloning for endangered species preservation in zoos, asking how notions of nature are being innovated in and through biotechnological development. Based on this research, she has written and given talks on the ethics of de-extinction. She currently hold a Wellcome Trust New Investigator Award for the project “Care as Science: The Role of Animal Husbandry in Translational Medicine.” This project uses quantitative and qualitative research methods to ask why scientists understand quality animal care as a scientific priority and how this shapes their work. She has written and taught workshops on situational analysis and grounded theory, and has a general interest in relational research methods.  Her work has been published in leading, peer-reviewed social science and interdisciplinary journals. Her book Cloning Wild Life was published by New York University Press in 2013. With Adele Clarke and Rachel Washburn she has published Situational Analysis: Grounded Theory after the Interpretive Turn, 2nd Edition with Sage and Situational Analysis in Practice: Mapping Research with Grounded Theory with Left Coast Press, now Routledge.