Institute of Sociology

General help on central services (Email, Wifi, Network Access, MS 365, Managed Hardware)

  • Support from the campus wide EDP division (Data center "ZDV") on their services (e.g. Email, Wifi and Network Access, Microsoft 365, Managed hardware of staff)
    Central Hotline   07071-29-70250

  • Special notebook-service ("Genius Bar") operated by the EDP division:
    Genius Bar          07071-29-70272
    Support is offered on WiFi configuration, data rescue operations, OS installation, virus protection etc. The staff sthere is dedicated to find a solution to just any problem around computing.

Access to Wifi Network and Remote Access (VPN)

  • Infomation on access to the campus wide Wifi Network:
    If you want to connect to the university from within campus buildings you need to setup your devices for acess to the Wifi network:
    Wifi Access
  • Information on remote access via VPN:
    If you want to use services like licensed content, Alma even when you are not in University buildings you need to setup a VPN connection:
    VPN Access

Problems with Alma Access

Guest Accounts

  • Guest Accounts for Wifi Access
    Every regular staff member can create temporary guest accounts for the Wifi-Access points at the campus.
    • Please use this form:
    • Just click on "NEU" (New). Enter the start and end time (14 days at maximum) and a small comment on the guest (as safety measure in case these accounts are misused). Afterwards you can provide login and password to your guests.
  • Guest Accounts for the Learning platforms (Ilias / Moodle)
    • You can allow your guests to access our learning platforms: