Institute of Sociology


The library of the Institute of Sociology is located in the Hegelbau, 1st floor, in the rooms of the Institute.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday  9 am – 4:45 pm

The library of the Department of Sociology has existed since the founding of the Institute in the early 1960s. At present there are about 22.000 books and 3.000 journal volumes in our library, about 60 journals are subscribed to.

In contrast to the university library, our collection is a reference collection, i.e. books and journals should always be available and used in the library. Numerous workstations are available and one of the three library rooms can be used as a group workroom.

Our book stock is arranged systematically, i.e. the books are arranged according to their content. (Here you will find the text of the system including the index.) This makes it possible to obtain an overview of the contents of the literature on a specific topic even without a catalogue.

A scanner is available in the hallway next to the catalogue screens, photocopiers in the basement.

Circulation Counter

The possibilities for borrowing books are limited in our reference library:

Overnight loan: max. 4 books starting at 4 pm until the next day at 10 am.

Borrowing materials over the weekend: max. 4 books starting on Friday at 1 pm.until Monday at noon.

Borrowing materials over holidays: max. 4 books for three weeks.

You may not borrow:

  • journals
  • books with a call number starting with “zero”
  • materials in the semester reading collections ("Semesterapparate").

Library Team

Librarian: Dr. Jürgen Plieninger, Dipl. Bibl.
Library administration: Antje Nies
Library supervisors: Anke Hoppe, Wolf-Dieter Klink, Simon Roos, Gudrun Schmid.


Universität Tübingen
Institut für Soziologie
Wilhelmstr. 36
D-72074 Tübingen

Librarian 07071 - 29 76141
Library administration 07071 - 29 76142
Library supervisors 07071 - 29 75499

The library can also be contacted using the institute’s fax machine:
+49 7071 - 29 4216