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Dissertation Projects

Current dissertation projects

"Matter out of place". A qualitative-empirical study of the problematization of trash in urban areas.

Doctoral candidate Fynn Kunkel
Supervisor Prof. Dr. Boris Nieswand, Prof. Dr. Rita Haverkamp (both University of Tübingen)

Being co-pregnant, expecting a child, becoming a father - Men at the transition to parenthood

Doctoral candidate:  

Laura Völkle


Prof. Dr. Marion Müller (Universität Tübingen), Prof. Dr. Stefan Hirschauer (Universität Mainz)

Funding: Landesgraduiertenförderung Baden-Württemberg, Promotionsverbund "Die Persistenz einer 'Kultur der Zweigeschlechtlichkeit' "

Commercialisation or poverty reduction? Effects of Global Comparative Monitoring on Organizational Processes in Microfinance Organizations

Doctoral candidate:

Sophia Cramer


Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University Luzern



Threat, Diversity and Urbanity in Johannesburg

Doctoral candidate:

Manuel Dieterich


Prof. Dr. Boris Nieswand (Universität Tübingen)                                 

Working title of dissertation: “Parenthood, relationship processes and family policy in Germany”

Doctoral candidate Silke Büchau
Supervisor Prof. Dr. Pia Schober
Funding State Postgraduate Fellowship Programme Baden-Württemberg (04/2019-03/2021), research assistant in DFG-project “Family policy information, gender ideologies and normative judgements of the gender division of labour” (since 04/2021)


Passing on educational advantages: The role of cultural capital and concerted cultivation.

Doctoral candidate:

Karoline Mikus


PD Dr. Nicole Tieben (Uni Hannover), Prof. Dr. Pia Schober (Uni Tübingen)                        

Funding: Karoline Mikus was from 2015-2018 a doctoral student at the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network [GSC1028], which was funded within the framework of the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments.

Context conditions of class-specific educational acquisition and status transfer

Doctoral candidate:

Marc Schwenzer


Prof. Dr. Steffen Hillmert, Prof. Dr. Martin Groß (both at the University Tübingen)

The Old Anti Capitalism of the New Right: on the Renaissance of the Social Question
in the new-right milieu. (working title)

Doctoral candidate:

Richard Siegert


Prof. Dr. Jörg Strübing, Prof. Dr. Tanja Thomas, Prof. Dr. Fabian Virchow

The social image of the former non-voters. Disposition and positioning of the
right-wing populist organized solidarity. (working title)

Doctoral candidate:

Philipp Rhein


Prof. Dr. Jörg Strübing, Prof. Dr. Stephan Lessenich, Prof. Dr. Matthias Möhring-Hesse