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Incoming Students

We welcome students from all over the world and will support them in all aspects of student life to make their stay in Tübingen a success.

Getting started and orientation for international students

ERASMUS and exchange to Tübingen

Welcome brochure


Before arrival

Foreign students should plan their stay in Tübingen well in advance and need to consider:

Official course catalogue

German language courses and courses on German culture

On the website of the International Office students will find information and links on all the above-mentioned topics. Please read this carefully!

After arrival

Prior to the official beginning of term, numerous welcome events and orientation meetings take place around the university. Make use of this opportunity!

First steps upon arrival:

Detailed information and links on all above-mentioned topics are published on the website "Arrival in Tübingen". 

Before departure

At the end of your stay in Tübingen and prior to your departure you should take care of:

Students will find all information explained in great detail and links on the website for exchange students "Departure from Tübingen".

Counselling for International Students

Division V – International Office
Section 1 - Exchange Programs

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