Institute of Sociology

Media Search

An online-search is possible in three categories. in catalogues, in databases and in internet search services.

1. Catalogues

local catalogues: Katalog plus, Library Catalogue (red, personalized)

Metakatalog: Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK)

Search for content in books:
Google Books (advanced search)

Search for the titles of journals:
Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek = electronic journal-library EZB
Zeitschriftendatenbank ZDB: world's largest database of titles of journals

Search in the content of open access journals:
Directory of Open Access Journals DOAJ

How to get literature, that is not available in Tuebingen?

Interlibrary loan
document delivrey service Subito

2. Databases

licensed databases (available only in the network of the university):

database information system - an index of databases everywhere
jstor database of journal articles (also try the tool JSTOR text analyzer)
Menalib - virtual library of the middle east

Facts and documents:

Statistics in general: Statista, Zanran und NationMaster

Statistics of the EU: EuroStat

3. Internet search engines

Please use the "advanced search" option of search engines, often displayed after searching. The search operatos are really helpful. The special service 2lingual Search gives the opportunity to initiate a translated search via Google.

Meta search engine:

Special search engines:

scientific search engine: Google Scholar

search for news: GoogleNews

full text search (repositories)

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine BASE

search for Videos
Google Video Search EU channel @ youtube

Table of Contents (tocs) / Alertdienste
Journal Tables of Contents Service IngentaConnect,


The "SozialwissenschaftenFAQ"  is a guide (German/English) in very limited space, which after an introduction to scientific research is limited to the most important web addresses for social science research.