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What exactly is Sociology?

Sociologists identify and analyse social processes, enabling them to recognise patterns and contexts that remain hidden to others. They learn to understand the causes and effects of individual and collective action and to describe the functions of social systems. This enables them to analyse and explain complex relationships and the diversity of social reality. This knowledge can later be fed back into social practice. For those who better understand societies and social processes can react to them appropriately - be it through public relations, information and education, policy advice, action planning, or other activities.


A brief overview of the study programmes

Bachelor in

Master in Sociology:
Diversity and Society

Master in Sociology with a Focus
on Empirical Research

Master of Public Policy
and Social Change

Why should I study at the IfSoz in Tübingen?

Tübingen is an internationally renowned university town, known for excellent science, research and innovation. And because so many young students and academics from all over the world come here, Tübingen is a very lively and open city where everyone quickly makes friends. The city itself impresses with its picturesque, medieval old town, great cultural offerings and a high quality of life in the midst of plenty of green surroundings.

At our institute, you can study sociology very close to the current research questions of our time and meet people who are thinking interesting thoughts about our society and its future. International research, first-class lecturers, modern equipment and lots of fun and exchange with fellow students round off the studies. Top-class international social scientists and guest lecturers complement the teaching and promise variety in everyday study life. We attach great importance to good supervision and a personal atmosphere, which we foster throughout the entire studies. We pave the way for your professional career through broad, research-oriented methods training (quantitative and qualitative) as well as an excellent network, including the interdisciplinary research campus of the University of Excellence Tübingen.

As a first-semester student, you will be taken by the hand and integrated into the institute, especially during the orientation week. If you would like to help shape student life at the Institute, you are cordially invited to become actively involved in our student council.

What I like about Tübingen is that on the one hand it is small, i.e. you don't have such a big city, you have short distances, and at the same time it is a student city, it is very international and you quickly make friends.

Gene Lisai, Student at the IfSoz

What can I do with it after graduation?

The career prospects for sociologists are manifold, even if the term "sociology" does not even appear in most job titles. The knowledge and skills acquired during the studies open up numerous professional fields - whether in more traditional professional areas such as research and teaching, journalism and consulting, or newer professional fields such as data science.

Would you like to learn more about the career prospects for sociologists? You can find more information on the career orientation page. For experience reports from sociologists, visit the website

The advantage of sociology is that the world is open to you. You can take up any profession you want to. Whether politics, journalism or business consultancy... Nowadays, there are no longer only the classic entry paths.

Alicja Rdzanek, Business consultant