Institute of Sociology

Equal opportunities

Equality Officer of the Department of Sociology

Hannah Bennni
Raum 111

Consultation hours by agreement

The goal of the equal opportunity commissioner at the University of Tübingen is to create equal opportunities in studying, research and teaching. Discrimination due to gender, ethnic origin, age, social or religious background, handicaps, chronical diseases or sexual orientations should be dispelled.

The equal opportunities commissioner of the institute can be contacted regarding equal opportunities and cases of discrimination and sexual harassment at the Department.

She also represents the Department in the equal opportunity commission of the faculty of economic and social science („Gleichstellungskommission der Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Fakultät“). This commission also grants subsidies for teaching assignments and guest lectures as part of the TEAching-Equality-Programms of the University.

Moreover, students as well as doctoral candidates and members of the non-professional teaching staff can submit applications for partial financing of research projects, conference attendance etc.

Information on the reconciliation of study and care responsibilities: