Institute of Sociology

Kepplerstr. 2, 1. Stock, room 145
 +49 7071 29-77460

Consulting Time
2pm to 3pm

after appointment

Research interests

  • Social inequality
  • Social capital ans social networks
  • Inequality of educational outcomes
  • Cultural Contexts
  • Information competency and usage technology

Survey Lab


Recent Publications


  • Workshop “Societal challenges in China and Germany“ 30 th September – 2 nd October 2019, University Tübingen


  • The R-package blueprint (currently under functional but not thoroughly tested beta status)  is a way to automatically define merges via a blueprint, a meta-file that selects variables from datasets and specifies rules of recoding and transfomation rules.
  • The R-package reco (currently under functional but not thoroughly tested beta status) tries to become an handy swiss tool for recoding data by usage of replacement rules from lists, files and via interactive coding sessions that are recorded in reusable and echangeable csv-replacement files.
    • Install the package from within R:
  • An R-Script to export data from limesurvey to various file formats: